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More About Local Democracy in Loveden


Responsibility for local issues is split between 3 tiers of local government (local authorities): the county council, district council and parish council.  In some other parts of the country the country and district councils have been merged into ‘unitary authorities’.  Instead of opting for unitary status, Lincolnshire councils produced a ‘Pathfinder’ agreement whereby the county and district councils work together more closely.  Borough councils have the same status as district councils (borough councils are older).  Lincolnshire has 1 county council, 7 district/borough councils, plus nearly 400 town/parish councils.  Hough on the Hill parish is in South Kesteven district.


England is now split into EU regions.  Lincolnshire (apart from North Lincolnshire) is in the East Midlands regions, along with Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.  East Midlands Councils (which replaced the Regional Assembly on 1 Apr 10) is not directly elected but has representatives from the constituent councils.  There is also a regional Development Agency (EMDA), a Rural Affairs Forum (EMRAF) and a Government Office for the East Midlands, based in Nottingham.


Another recent organisation is the Lincolnshire Assembly, made up of representatives from various public, private and voluntary bodies and is chaired by the Bishop of Lincoln.  The Assembly oversees various Local Area Agreements for the provision of services.



National Representatives                                                Check out your MP on ‘They Work for You’

Stephen Phillips MP                                                          BBC Democracy Link for Brandon


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2011 Boundary Commission Report

‘....in order to increase the electorate in the existing Lincoln constituency, we propose to extend it south west to incorporate the town of North Hykeham and the surrounding area, which is currently located in the Sleaford and North Hykeham constituency. In order to avoid having to divide the town of North Hykeham, we also propose to transfer the Bracebridge Heath and Waddington East ward from our Lincoln constituency to our renamed Sleaford constituency.
Neighbourhood planning regulations: Consultation

The Government have launched a consultation to seek views on the proposed new regulations governing the process for establishing neighbourhood areas and forums, the requirements of Community Right to Build organisations, and the preparation of neighbourhood plans and neighbourhood development orders, and Community Right to Build Orders.
The closing date for comments is 5 Jan 2012.  See link.
Community Infrastructure Levy
The Community Infrastructure Levy came into effect in 2010, allowing authorities to levy a charge on the owners or developers of land in order contribute to the costs of providing the infrastructure needed to support the development of the area.  The Localism Bill includes proposals to reform this levy, requiring local authorities to pass a ‘meaningful proportion’ of receipts to the neighbourhoods where the development that gave rise to them took place (e.g. parish councils) and provides more local choice over how to implement a charge.   
The closing date for comments is 30 Dec 2011.  See link.