Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information

A Narrow Escape

We had a look for what was happening in the area in January 1873, 150 years ago.

This story appeared in the Grantham Journal on 1st Feb 1873.

Richard Morley (1818-1897) was a farmer, living at the Old Hall in Leadenham.  He was also the steward for Colonel Reeve of Leadenham House.  Richard and his wife Anne had 9 children. 

Their 14-year-old daughter in the story was Mary Gertrude Morley, born in Bassingham in 1858.  She did not marry, but became a self-employed midwife, qualifying with the London Obstetrical Society in 1899 and the Midwives Roll 5 years later.

On the 1901 census she was looking after the wife of a Tynemouth shipowner.  In 1911 she was caring for a vicar’s baby in London. 

She retired to Bede House, a block of 1930s apartments on Putney Hill, London.  She died in Putney in 1948, aged 90.

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