Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information

Church Lane

Properties on Church Lane, Brandon include:

Church Farm

From the 1840s to the 1870s we think Church Farm was occupied by William Stuffin.  From 1882 to 1905 it was run by Charles Theaker.  Then (1930-33) F H Ransome and from 1937 to the 1950s by Jack Hart.

Brandon Chapel see link

Village Hall Site – the land next to the chapel was the site of the Social Club (see Brandon History).   Years before there had been a farm labourer’s cottage on the site (plot 100 on the Tithe map).  In 1851 we think this was occupied by Joseph Glossop.

Rose Cottage –  the building just north of the chapel may have been occupied by John Sewards in 1811, then by William Rawding in 1841.  From 1850 to 1901 we think Thomas Rawding lived there.  The cottage was re-built and moved slightly c1980. 

Church Lane Farmhouse.  From around 1841 Church Lane Farm was occupied by Frederick Robinson, whilst his elder brother William ran Old Hall Farm.  Their father (also William) also lived with Frederick until the former’s death in 1856. Frederick and his wife Caroline moved in Wilsford in the 1860s.

The next occupants were probably William and Zilpha Freestone who were there in 1871 and 1881.  In 1891-1905 the farm was run by John Doubleday, then (1930-37) Charles Doubleday.  The Doubledays continued at Church Lane Farm until the 1950s.  In the 1960s it was the Harper family.