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Dry Doddington

First  World War

After Westborough School closed in the late 19th century the local children all went to Dry Doddington school (the site of the village hall).  By March 1915 the following ex pupils of Dry Doddington School were already serving in the military:

R and H Millington

G and T Daws

E Catlin

G Martin

W and H Bellamy

G Grundell

W Cragg

F King

C Tilley

T Turfitt

W B Copley

G E Bellamy

The parish of Westborough and Dry Doddington does not have a war memorial.  These are of casualties of the Great War (1914-1918) with connections to Dry Doddington:

Jimmy Bellamy

Alfred Charles

Philip Harmer

Henry Millington

George Grundell

Dry Doddington School

The school was built as a National School in 1872 and was closed on 21 May 1926. It re-opened on 14 January 1929 for children under the age of nine years (older children being transferred to Claypole and Long Bennington Schools). The school was again closed on 28 March 1961, with the children transferred to Claypole and Long Bennington Schools.

{Source: Lincs to the Past}

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