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Herbert Butler Greensmith

John Greensmith (1827-1893) and Anne Bradley (1841-1910) were both from Brant Broughton, where they married in 1863.  Their children included:

  • William Bradley                                         1864
  • Anne Elizabeth                                           1865
  • Sarah Jane                                                  1866
  • Mary                                                             1868
  • Lidia                                                              1870
  • Ruth                                                               1871
  • Edwin                                                            1872
  • Mercy & Grace (twins)                               1874
  • Clara                                                               1877
  • Arthur Proctor & John Hawton (twins)  1881
  • Alfred George Henry                                   1883
  • Frederick                                                       1884

In 1881 they were living on High Street, Brant Broughton (near the Generous Briton) with Ann’s father, next to the baker’s shop.  They were still there in 1891.  Clara (14) was still at home but may then have gone into service as in 1894 she had a baby – Herbert Butler Greensmith – at Ladybridge, Cottages near Babworth, Retford.

In 1900 Clara married and moved to South Normanton (and later to Nottingham) and had 6 more children. 

By 1901 Herbert was living his widowed grandmother (Clara’s mother) Ann Greensmith in Front Street, Brant Broughton. After Ann died Herbert lived with his uncle Frederick, also in Brant Broughton.  By 1911 Herbert (16) was a baker’s assistant.

In 1915 Herbert married Dora Massey – she was from Southrey (near Bardney) but had been in service near Wragby.  They lived at 14 Waddington Rd, Bracebridge Heath.

During the war he served with B Company, 1st/4th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment.  He was killed in action on 2nd August 1917, aged 23.  He was buried at Philosophe British Cemetery, between Bethune and Lens.  His name is on the Brant Broughton, Southrey  and Bracebridge Heath war memorials.

Ann Greensmith (nee Bradley)
Frederick Greensmith
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