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In 1835 Edward Minnitt from Gringley on the Hill (near Gainsborough) married Alissimon Minnitt from the Fulbeck branch of the family. They lived at Court Leys Farm near Brandon (but in Caythorpe parish) until Edward died in 1876.  Four of their children survived childhood:

  • Mary Ann (b. 1836)
  • Edward William (b. 1842)
  • George H (b. 1845)
  • Alissimon Caister (b. 1850)

Next Generation (children of Edward and Alissimon Minnitt)

Mary Ann married Henry Taylor, a butcher in Cartergate, Newark.

Edward William stayed at Court Leys until  Aug 1870 when the Minnitt family started to rent Brandon Hall (about ½ mile from Court Leys) from Earl Brownlow of Belton House.  By 1871 Edward William was farming at Brandon Hall with his sister Alissimon as housekeeper, plus 2 servants and 2 farm labourers.  

In late 1874 Edward was sued for breach of promise by Eleanor Wren Blenkhorn.  Twenty years earlier his sister Alissimon had attended Frieston House School; run by Eleanor, her two sisters and their parents.  The two families became close and in 1862 Edward and Eleanor started a long engagement.  But by 1874, following the deaths of Eleanor’s mother and one of the sisters and with their father quite elderly, the family became bankrupt and moved to Ranmoor, Sheffield.  It then seems that Edward’s parents, concerned about her debts and not thinking her a suitable farmer’s wife, forced him to cut her off.  He did not defend the action and was fined £500.  The case was very widely reported.

After the death of his father (1876), Edward William and his mother moved to Main Street, Claypole, where Edward William died in 1886.

George Henry married Catherine Robinson at Long Bennington in 1874.  Catherine (nee Stevenson) was the widow of Richard Robinson of Brandon Lodge (1834-70).  In 1881 George and Catherine were at Court Leys but they sold up in 1885 and moved to Leadenham Low Fields.  They retired to Frieston Hall (the former Frieston House School) where George died in 1900.  Catherine and their niece Alissimon Annie Jackson stayed there until about 1912, before moving to 32 North Parade, Grantham were Catherine died in 1928, aged 91.

Alissimon Caistor Minnitt helped her brother Edward William run Brandon Hall farm.  She married Charles Anthony Jackson in 1871 but died (in Brandon) 2 years later.  They had a daughter:

  • Alissimon Annie Jackson born in Brigg in 1872.  After her mother died, she lived with George Henry’s family at Leadenham Low Fields and then Frieston Hall.  Later she moved to 32 North Parade, Grantham, where she later lived with her half-sister (her father had re-married) Emily Caister Rollison (nee Jackson).  Alissimon died at the Lawn, Lincoln in 1941 and was buried at Caythorpe.

Frieston Hall

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