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Tom Cragg

Tom William Cragg was born in Long Bennington in 1891.  His father, Joseph, was a plate-layer with the Great Northern Railway.  His mother was Jane (nee Tow) and Thomas was the 4th of 6 children.  The couple had lived in Cotham and Hawton, but at the time Thomas was born they were living in Bedburn Row, Long Bennington.  In 1901 they were at Askerton Hill (near Sevastapol Place) Long Bennington and by 1911 the family were in Valley Lane Cottages, Cotham, whilst Thomas was…..

In 1914 Thomas was working for M Ablewhite, grocer in Long Bennington when he volunteered for the After training at Retford, Swaffham, Brentwood, and Salisbury Plain he was sent to join the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Jun 1917 and fought in Egypt and Palestine with the Worcester Yeomanry.  He died of small-pox, on March 14th 1919, at No. 21 General Hospital, Alexandria.  He was the 3rd of Mr Ablewhite’s assistants to die in the war.

Tom W Cragg
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