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Patchett Family (Brandon & Foston) & Stevenson Family

1st Generation

Thomas Patchett was born about 1787 in Great Gonerby.  His wife Mary was born in Wilsford about 1784.    By 1808 they’d settled in Brandon, where Thomas was a farm labourer and where all 7 children were born.  We don’t know which house they lived in at the time, but in 1848 they moved into one of the 2 ‘New Cottages’ built by the Brownlow Estate (now known as Twisted Chimneys and Cornerways).  John Sanders’ family moved into the other cottage.

We assume that Thomas continued to live in this house in Brandon until he died in Dec 1861, aged 77.  He was buried at Hough, though we haven’t found a gravestone.  Mary had died in Brandon 5 years earlier.  Their children were:

  • Sarah Patchett, born 1808
  • Alice Patchett, born Dec 1809
  • Thomas Patchett, born 1813
  • Mary Patchett, born 1815
  • Joseph Patchett, born Feb 1819
  • Elizabeth Patchett, born 1821
  • William Patchett, born 1825

2nd Generation

Sarah Patchett (b 1808) married William Clayton at Hough in May 1832.  William was living in Wilsford, where he’d been born about 1807.  Their first child was born in Brandon, but by 1835 they’d moved to Wilsford.  After William died in 1849 Sarah and their children remained in Wilsford, where she worked as a nurse.   Their children were:

  • Thomas Patchett Clayton, born Brandon 1832, married Susanna Bacon, died Lincoln 1894.
  • William Clayton, born 1835, died (probably Wilsford) 1883
  • Harry Clayton, born 1836
  • George Clayton, born 1840, married Abigail Attewell, died (probably Wilsford) 1901
  • Sarah Alice Clayton, born 1842, died (probably Wilsford) 1897
  • Thirza Clayton, born Jan 1847, had 3 daughters (unmarried) in the 1870s, was in Sleaford workhouse in 1881, later a laundry worker in Lincoln.

Alice Patchett (b 1809) married Benjamin Barnes, a labourer from Syston, at Hough in Oct 1834.  Their son, Thomas Patchett Barnes was born in Brandon soon afterwards (christened 4 Jan 1835); however both mother and child may have died as we can’t find any further records.  Benjamin Barnes was in Barkston in 1841 and 1851.

Thomas Patchett (b 1813).  Around 1840 Thomas married Mary Ann and moved to her home town of Oundle, Northamptonshire. In 1841 they were living in West St, Oundle and he was a brewer.  Their children were all born in Oundle:

  • Alice Patchett, born 1842
  • Georgiana Patchett, born 1844
  • Thomas Patchett, born 1848
  • Joseph Patchett, born 1851
  • William Patchett, born 1853
  • John Charles Patchett, born 1856
  • Amelia Patchett, born about 1859

Thomas died in Oundle in 1855.  In 1861 his widow, Mary (44) was living in Benfield Road, Oundle with her children, including a 2 year old daughter.   She was a laundress and had 3 lodgers, including James Loveday, a 31 year old Sawyer who she later married.  In 1871 they were married and still in Benefield Road. 

Mary Patchett (b 1815) married George Stevenson (born Stubton) in 1839.  On the day of the 1841 census she was with her parents in Brandon.  On the day of the 1851 census she was at home in Stubton whilst George was on duty as a groom at Stubton Hall.  Their children were:

  • Charles P Stevenson, born Grantham area, 1846
  • Emma Stevenson, born Stubton 1855

By 1861 the family had moved to Denton Street, Hulme, Manchester and George was a coachman.  On 2nd Apr 1871 they were staying in Petersham Mews, South Kensington.  George was still a coachman; perhaps his employer had been to South Kensington for the opening of the nearby Royal Albert Hall  by Queen Victoria 4 days earlier.  Both their children were still living in Denton St.  By 1881 George had retired and he and Mary (and Mary’s niece Elizabeth Patchett) were living with their son Charles Stevevenson‘s family at ‘Vermont’, Stanley Rd,  Withington, Greater Manchester.  George and Mary were still at Vermont with Charles in 1891.  George died in Lancashire in 1896; Mary probably died there 1898 or 1900.

Joseph Patchett (b 1819).  In 1851 Joseph was running a pub in Foston with his sister Elizabeth as housekeeper.  Two years later he married Martha Moore (born Honington 1820) and they lived in Foston until he died in 1878 (age 59).  Their children, all born in Foston were:

  • Thomas Patchett, born 1856
  • Elizabeth Patchett, born 1859
  • Mary Patchett, born 1860
  • Martha Patchet, born 1862

In 1881 Martha was still in Foston, working as a charwoman; her lodger Louisa Freeman, was a dressmaker, a career that Martha’s youngest daughter (also Martha) took up.  By 1891 both Marthas, mother (age 70) and daughter were general dealers and shopkeepers in Chapel Street, Manthorpe.  In 1901 the two were living with another daughter, Mary at 100 Grantley Street, Grantham, where Mary was a shop assistant and Martha a dressmaker.  The mother died in Nov 1902.  Mary was still in Grantley Street in 1911; she died in Grantham in 1925. 

Elizabeth Patchett (b 1821).  In 1841 she was a servant (age 20) either at Syston Hall, or Sleaford.    In 1843 she had an illegitimate son, David Chambers Patchett.  In 1851 she was housekeeping for her brother Joseph at a pub in Foston. 

William Patchett (b 1825) stayed in Brandon.  In 1856 he married Ann Hunt at Hough, but he died 10 years later (Jul 1866) age 41.  Ann (born Pointon about 1829) died in Brandon the following year (Nov 1867).

3rd Generation – Children of Joseph & Martha Patchett of Foston

Thomas Patchet (b 1856).  In 1871 Thomas (age 15) was living with his older cousin Charles Stevenson in Hulme, Manchester where he was working as an office boy.  In 1878 he married Emily Brown in her home town of Bridlington.  They settled in Hulme, where he worked as a clerk, then nearby Moss Side.  He died in Lancashire in 1915.

Elizabeth Patchet (b 1859) married William Bates in 1881.  He was born in West Bromwich about 1859, but by 1871had moved with his family to Chorlton, Manchester, where he became an engineering pattern maker. By 1881 they’d moved to Moss Side, about 1/2 mile from Thomas & Emily Patchett’s house in Hulme.  In 1891 they were living at Kirkmanshulme in South East Manchester with their 3 children.

Mary Patchett (1860).  In 1881 and 1891 Mary was living at 58 High St, Grantham, as a domestic servant (and cook in 1891) for Edward Bond, a draper.   In 1901 she was a shop assistant and living with her mother Martha Patchett and her sister (also Martha Patchett) at 100 Grantley St, Grantham.   In 1911 she was at the same address.  She died in Grantham in 1925.

Martha Patchett (b 1862).  In 1881 (age 19) Martha was a servant in William Robinson’s household at Brandon Old Hall.  Ten years later she was an assistant to her mother, also Martha Patchett at her shop at 6 Chapel Street, Manthorpe.  In 1901 (age 39) she was a self-employed dressmaker, living with her mother and sister Mary Patchett in Grantley St.

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