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Air Crashes around Stubton

8th May 1939 – 2 x Audax

Both pilots were killed when 2 Hawker Audax aircraft from RAF Cranwell collided over Stubton.  The pilots were Flight Cadets Bernard Guille and Robert Morgan.  Eyewitnesses said that the aircraft remained locked together for a long time as they fell into open ground, with one of them catching fire.


Hawker Audax
Audax Crash, Stubton 1939

23 June 1939 – Hurricane

On 23rd June 1939 a 73 Sqn Hurrricane Mk I from RAF Digby crashed between Beckingham and Stubton. The pilot, Plt Off Anthony D’Orton Lamarque (22) was taken to Newark Hospital but died the next day.


23 Mar 1962 – Victor

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