Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information

Other Brandon Farms

Hough Grange

Map.  Occupants included:

  • 1851 – Richard Lord
  • 1891 – George Ayto
  • 1901 – George Wells (farm bailiff).  He kept a herd of Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn cattle.
  • 1911-1919 – John Thurlby Lord
  • 1922-1930 – Percy Edwin Rutter
  • 1933-1950s – Tom Wright

After the war, Tom bought lots of ex-Army trucks (and possibly tanks) which were parked on the fields between Hough Grange and Brandon

In 1958 the British Ploughing Championships were held at Hough Grange (Tom Wright was vice chairman of the National Ploughing Association).

Loveden House

Occupants included:

  • 1842   William Lunn
  • 1850-81  Thomas Collin
  • 1891, 1901 John Collin
  • 1909-19 William Toulson
  • 1922 Charles Batty
  • 1933  LW Green
  • 1937  William Leadenham


Occupants included:

  • 1850  – John E Bailey
  • 1871, 1881  – Charles Summerfield
  • 1891  John Cox, 35
  • 1901  John Toulson
  • 1911  James Henry Peel
  • 1939  James Foley
  • 1950s Doll

German Prisoners of War worked on many local farms during and just after World War Two.   Some of them settled in the area.   One of the workers at Sandlands (for Tom Wright) in 1948 was Hans Girrulat.  He later moved to Grange Cottages, married a local girl and applied for naturalisation.

Sandlands Farm has now been demolished.

Site of Sandlands Farm, 2009

Temple Hill Farm

Temple Hill is technically part of Gelston, but Brandon is closer.  Occupants included:

  • 1773  – William Heward
  • 1850-81 – William Freestone
  • 1891, 1901  – John Vickers
  • 1911 – Arthur Codd
  • 1930-37 – T Wright
  • 1939 – Harry Saunby

The farmhoues was demolished c1980.  The dutch barn was removed

An application to build a wind farm at Temple Hill was rejected in Mar 2015 after an extensive campaign by residents.

Sale of Temple Hill, 1886
Temple Hill Barn 2009

Moor Barn Cottages

In 1850 the two cottages at Moor Barn were owned by William Musson.  In 1886 a Mr Moor moved out of one of the cottages.  In 1891 William Musson was still living in one cottage whilst the other was empty. 

In 1901 they were occupied by Joseph Ogden and Thomas Adamson

In 1911/1912 Thomas Bembridge and Thomas Beecham were at Moor Barn.

William Wetherill lived at Moor Barn from the early 1920s to his death in 1940.

Moor Barn received water via a pipe fed from the stream in Hough (see Water Supplies).   The barn and the cottages have now been demolished.

Moor Barn Cottages
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