Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information


‘Greystones’ on Hall Lane, Brandon is 17th century with later additions.  The East wall has datestone inscribed “Anno S DomR.E. M.D.C.C. XVII.” (1717).         

From 1841-1868 William Lilley (farmer) is recorded here.  His widow Elizabeth continued to live there on the 1871 census.  By 1881 it had been taken over by their son, also William.

Thereafter we’re not sure who farmed here, but it may have been Samuel Gadsby (1891) then Thomas Pullen (1901-1919).

By the 1950s it was used by the foreman on Burtt’s farm, including Frank King and Mr Hooton.

In 1953 the barn was used for the village Coronation party.  By the 1960s there were greenhouses and beehives on the land behind the house.

Bevington Burtt at Greystones
Greystones Garden
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