Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information


1st Generation

Matthew Hoyes was born about 1796 in Metheringham but later moved to Hough on the Hill.  In Nov 1818 he married Ann Barnsley (born Wilsford) at Hough Church.  They settled in Hough, where Matthew worked as a farm labourer.  Around 1828 they moved to Gelston.  Matthew died in Gelston Sep 1858, Ann died there in 1865.  Their children were:

  • William Hoyes, born Hough, 1819
  • John Hoyes, born Hough, 1821
  • Ann Hoyes, born Hough, 1823
  • Matthew Hoyes, born Hough 1825, died 3 weeks later
  • Matthew Hoyes, born Hough, 1826
  • Elizabeth Hoyes, born Gelston, 1828
  • Rebecca Hoyes, born Gelston, 1830
  • Robert Hoyes, born Gelston, 1833
  • Martha Hoyes, born Hough, 1835

2nd GenerationChildren of Matthew & Ann Hoyes

William Hoyes (b 1819).  In 1851 William (age 31) was a servant for Edward Shelbourne in Hough.  Later that spring he married Elizabeth Berridge (born Normanton).  They lived in Hough/Gelston, where William worked as a farm labourer.  In 1891 (William was 70 and Elizabeth 60) they were in Wilderness Cottages, Hough.  William died in Jan 1901, age 81.  Elizabeth died exactly a month later, age 70.   They had the following children:

  • John Hoyes born in 1852 in Hough
  • Thomas Hoyes born in Jul 1853 in Gelston
  • Alfred Hoyes born in Jul 1855 in Hough
  • Ann Hoyes born about 1860 in Hough
  • Arthur Hoyes born about 1865 in Hough
  • Mary Hoyes born about 1868 in Hough
  • Martha Hoyes born in 1871 in Hough

John Hoyes (b 1821) was a farm labourer in 1841, working for George Barnsdale in Claypole.  In 1851 he was a servant for William Coult in Thurlby.  In 1861 he was working as a blacking maker in Lincoln and lodging at 28 Melville St.  In 1881 he was the manager at the Curzon Arms Inn in the St Annes area of Nottingham.

Ann Hoyes (b 1823) had an illegitimate son in 1840, when she was a 17-year old servant. The boy, Thomas,  seems to have been brought up by her parents in Gelston.  In 1847 she had another illegitimate son, Henry; his father was Horatio Willmer, (born Grantham, 1826) with whom she’d been living at the Blue Ram Inn (now the Kings Arms) in Westgate, Grantham.  Grantham Petty Sessions ordered Horatio to pay Ann 1 shilling a week in child maintenance.  In 1851 both boys were living with their grandparents as ‘Hoyes’, though Henry later adopted his father’s surname.

In 1861 Ann was still in Westgate, now working as a cook for William Stanton (probably a relative of Horatio Willmer).  In 1869 they had another son, Charles Edward Willmer, born in Radford, Nottingham.  In 1871 (age 46 and still single) Ann was a housemaid at The George Hotel in Grantham High Street.  In Apr 1873 she married Horatio Willmer.  In 1881 they were living in Tealby Terrace, Nottingham, where Horatio was a dray foreman.  In 1891 they were back in Grantham (12 Rutland Street – demolished in 1982 to make way for Morrisons supermarket), living on their own means with their son Charles Edward.  Horatio died in 1895.   Ann’s children were thus:

  • Thomas Hoyes, born 1840
  • Henry Hoyes / Willmer, born 1847
  • Charles Edward Willmer, born Jul 1869 in Radford, Nottingham

Matthew Hoyes (b 1826) was outside the parish in 1841 and 1851, but in 1861 he was unmarried and living in Gelston as a cottager (smallholder) with 15 acres, in the last house in Gelston.  In 1861 he had a ‘house servant’, Jane Baker, who he married in 1863.  However, in the following (1871 and 1881) censuses, he was living alone but still listed as married (not a widower).  In 1891 he was an agricultural labourer in Hough.

Elizabeth Hoyes (b Gelston 1828) married Thomas Brown (born Brighton, Sussex) in 1849.  Two years later they were living in Grantham, in Sandpit Lane (later called Welby Road, much of which is now under Morrisons supermarket) and he was a railway porter.  By 1861 they’d moved to Parkinson Street, near Nottingham Midland Station and Thomas was a cab proprietor.  In 1871 they’d moved around the corner to Station Street and he was still a cab proprietor but also running a ‘beer house’ – this may well have become the ‘Railway Inn’, which was almost opposite the entrance to the Old Midland Railway Station (the main part of the station was rebuilt around the corner on Carrington Street in 1904).

In 1881 Thomas was a licensed victualler at the same address.  He died in 1888 but by 1891 his son John H Brown (previously a book-keeper) was running the pub.  His mother was there too, ‘living on her own means’ and her 15 year-old niece Sarah Elizabeth Hoyes was working there as a general servant.  Elizabeth Brown died in 1895.  Her sons were thus:

  • John H Brown, born 1855.  He was running the pub in 1891.
  • Herbert A Brown, born 1861, married Ada and they had 3 daughters. In 1891 and 1901 he was living in Portland Rd (near Canning Circus) as a ‘retired licensed victualler’.

Rebecca Hoyes (b Gelston 1830).  In 1841 (age 10) she was with her parents in Hough.  She seems to have died in 1851, aged about 21.

Robert Hoyes (b Gelston 1833) was working in Carlton Scroop in 1851 (age 17) as a servant for George Sumner.   In 1857 he married Mary (Holmes, born Woolsthorpe) and moved back to Gelston (first house on the way in from Hough) where he worked as a farm labourer.  They had the following children, all born in Gelston:

  • Betsey Hoyes, born 1857
  • Matthew Hoyes, bornApr1858
  • John Hoyes, born about 1859
  • George Hoyes, born about 1861
  • William Hoyes, born about 1863
  • Thomas Hoyes, born about 1864
  • Robert Hoyes, born 1866
  • Martha A Hoyes, born about 1867
  • Herbert Hoyes, born about 1868
  • Mary Hoyes, born about 1870
  • John Henry Hoyes, born about 1872
  • Ellen Hoyes, born about 1873
  • Alfred Hoyes, born about 1875
  • Sarah Hoyes, bornabout1877

Martha Hoyes, (b Hough or Gelston), 1835).  In 1851 Martha was a 15 year-old servant for John Sumner, the village blacksmith in Hough.  In 1861 she was visiting her married sister Elizabeth in Nottingham.  It seems that she died in Nottingham in 1867 (age 30).

Generation 3aChildren of William Hoyes & Elizabeth Berridge

John Hoyes (b 1852, Hough).  In 1871 (age 19) John was a private in 83rd (County of Dublin) Regiment of Foot at Chatham Barracks, Kent.  In 1878 he married Sarah Ann Simpson.  She’d been born in Balderton in 1854 but her father, Joseph Simpson, was from Hough and she’d been living in Hough with her grandmother Sarah Simpson.

John and Sarah Ann settled in Hough where he worked as an ironstone miner/labourer.  In 1881 they were living with Sarah’s grandmother and her brother Richard Simpson (b abt 1863).  Ten years later they were on Lords Hill (probably the same house; his parents and brother Thomas were in the same road).  In 1901 they were in Village Street.  They were still in the village in 1911; John died in 1921, Sarah Ann in 1935. Their children, all born in Hough on the Hill, were:

  • William Hoyes (born about 1879)
  • Annie Hoyes (born about 1881)
  • Selina Hoyes (born in Oct 1882)

THOMAS HOYES (b 1853, Gelston)  At 18 (in 1871) Thomas was an indoor servant for William Stuffin in Brandon, probably at Church Farm.  In 1881 he was living with his parents in Hough and working as a general labourer.  In 1885 he married Sarah Hare.  She was born Sarah Mee in East Bridgford and had been a servant in Long Row, Nottingham before marrying Henry Hare in 1878.  He died in 1883 (he was about 36 years older than her). 

After their marriage Thomas continued to work as an agricultural labourer.  In 1891 Thomas and Sarah were living on Lords Hill; by 1901 they’d moved to Village Street. They were still in Hough in 1911.  Sarah died 1916, Thomas in 1919. Their children (all born Hough) were:

  • Florence Hoyes, born Apr 1886
  • Elizabeth Anne Hoyes, born about 1890
  • Ada Hoyes, born about 1891
  • Alice Mabel Hoyes, born about 1894

Alfred Hoyes (b Jul 1855 in Hough) was working as a groom for Richard Robinson in Sedgebrook in 1871.  In 1881 he was the coachman for the Richardson family in Lindum Terrace, Lincoln.  In 1887 he married Sarah Ann Creasey (born Dorrington Fen) in Lincoln.   In 1891 they were living at 30 Greetwell Gate, Lincoln and he was a groom and gardener.  In 1901 they were at the same address and he was an insurance agent.  In 1911 they were in Winnowsty Terrace and he was an insurance agent and church caretaker.  He died in 1916; Sarah Ann survived until 1965 (age 99).  Their children, born in Lincoln, were:

  • Ethel Hoyes, bornabout
  • Ernest Hoyes, born about 1890

Ann Hoyes (b 1860)  Ann was living at home in 1881 but by 1891 she’d moved to Headingley (near Leeds) with her sister Mary, where they worked for Arthur Walker (steam engine & hydraulic machinery maker) in Alma Road.  Ann (31) was a nurse and domestic servant.

Arthur Hoyes (b 1865 in Hough).  At 16 Arthur was an indoor house servant for Richard Lord in Hough.  He married Elizabeth Mary Allen in 1888.  She was born in Whissendine, Rutland but had been a servant in Harby, Leicestershire.  By 1889 Arthur was a farm labourer in Langar, Notts, living on Colston Rd (in 1891).  By 1901 they’d moved to Harby.  They were still in Harby in 1911 (1 Exchange Row) and Arthur was a railway labourer.  Their children were:

  • John William Hoyes, born about 1889 in Langar
  • Frederick Earnest Hoyes, born about 1898
  • Henry MacDonald Hoyes, bornHarby,about

Mary Hoyes  (b 1868 in Hough) moved with her sister Ann to Headingley where she was working in the same house as a housemaid in 1891.

Martha Hoyes (born Hough 1871) was working as servant in Nottingham (Park Valley Court) for John Laugham, an ironmonger in 1891 (the servant is listed as Lucy Hoyes, but his wife was also called Martha).  In 1901 Martha was visiting John Hunt Goodlad in Tuxford, with her niece, Annie Hoyes.  The following year she married Francis Henry Morrison.  He’d been born in Yorkshire in 1867 – Francis’ father, Robert William Morrison, had been born in Folkstone, but in 1881 he was a nightwatchman in Nottingham, living in Crocus Cottages in the Meadows.  Robert was painting a railway bridge over the River Soar at Barrow on Soar on 9 October 1889 when the scaffold gave way, and he fell in the River and was drowned – Martha and Francis’ children were born in the Hucknall area, but by 1911 they were living at 50 Peas Hill Road in the St Annes district of Nottingham.  Apart from one who died in infancy, their children were:

  • Robert W Hoyes 1902-1975
  • Francis A Hoyes 1903-1981

Generation 3bChild of Ann Hoyes

Thomas Hoyes (b 1840) was brought up at his grandparents’ house in Gelston.  In 1861 he was a servant to Henry Musgrave in Caythorpe.

Henry Hoyes / Willmer (b 1847) was the subject a maintenance order (see Ann Hoyes).  He was baptised as Henry Hoyes at Hough Church (the parents were not listed).  In 1851 he was living as Henry Hoyes with his mother’s parents in Gelston, along with his (half?) brother Thomas Hoyes.  In 1869 he married Elisa Green, but she died the following year.  In 1871 he was working on a coal barge (The Faith?) at Grantham Wharf.   In 1891 he was a canal boatman (still known as Henry Hoyes) living alone (possibly on a barge) at Wharf Road, Woolsthorpe.  In 1901 he was a general labourer (known as Harry Willmer) living at 12 Rutland St, Grantham with his widowed mother Ann.  She died 1908, Henry died in 1915.

Charles Edward Willmer (b Nottingham 1869).  In 1881 he was with his parents (now married) in Nottingham.  In 1891 they were living at 12 Rutland St, Grantham and he was working as a painter.  In Jul that year he married Sarah Ellen Bacon (born Grantham 1874) in Grantham.  Ten years later they were living in No 3, Mowbeck Cottages, Union St, Grantham with their 5 children and he was a housepainter (a Joshua Bacon was at No 4).  Sarah died in 1911.  Later that year Charles was living at 1 Chapel St, Grantham and working as machine painter.  In 1915 (when their eldest son died in the war) he was at 32 Oxford St, Grantham.  He died in 1928.  Charles and Sarah had the following children, all born in Grantham.

  • Charles Willmer, born about 1892, died in France on 14 May He was a private in 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment.  Probably died in a Boulogne hospital from wounds received during the Battle of Aubers Ridge on 9 May, in which the 2nd Lincs suffered heavy casualties.  He was buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.
  • Ethel Maud Willmer, born about
  • Edith Ann Willmer, born about 1896, married James A Smith
  • Ernest Arthur Willmer, born Apr 1898, married Ellen Evelyn Bark (born Grantham 1895). He died in 1963 in Grantham
  • Herbert Henry Willmer, born in Jul 1900

3c Children of Robert & Mary Hoyes

Betsey/Betty Hoyes (b 1857 Gelston, or possibly Woolsthorpe) was living in Gelston in 1871, but died 2 years later, aged 17.

Matthew Hoyes (b 1858 Gelston) was working at age 13 as an agricultural day boy in Gelston.  The record we have is 1891 when he was working as a labourer in Sheffield.  He was 33 and living in Townhead Street with a ‘boarder’, 47 year-old Emma Rosling from Hough.  Ten years later they were living as husband and wife in Solly Street, Sheffield (we haven’t found a marriage yet); Matthew was working as a tar boiler while Emma was a dressmaker.

John Hoyes (b 1859 Gelston) was already working at 12 as an agricultural day boy.  At 22 (1888) he was a groom for Thomas Pinder in Church St, Barrowby.

George Hoyes (b abt 1861 Gelston) was an agricultural day boy at the age of 10.  In 1879 he married Betsy Swain (born Casthorpe, Lincs 1860). They moved to Stroxton then Fishtoft, and had the following children:

  • Mary Jane Hoyes born about 1880 in Grantham
  • Edith Emma Hoyes born about 1884 in Stroxton
  • Robert Edward Hoyes born about 1885 in Stroxton
  • Gertrude Lily Hoyes born about 1887 in Stroxton
  • Nellie Hoyes born about 1890 in Stroxton
  • Herbert Hoyes born about 1892 in Stroxton
  • Flora Hoyes born about 1895 in Stroxton
  • Stanley Hoyes born about 1898 in Fishtoft

Henry William Hoyes (b 1863, Gelston) was usually known as William.  In 1871 (aged 8) he was already an agricultural day boy.  At 18 he was a groom for Richard Lord in Hough.  In 1883 he married Phoebe Elizabeth Frisby in mid Leicestershire.  A son was born the following year in Allington, Lincs.  The next child was born 1886 in Wymeswold, then they moved to School Lane, Belton (near Loughborough) where he was employed as a groom in 1891, then as a coachman in 1901.  In 1911 he was still a coachman, but now living at Mountfields Lodge, Forest Road, Loughborough.  William and Pheobe Eliza had the following children:

  • William Hoyesborn about1884in
  • John H Hoyesbornabout1886in
  • Mary Elizabeth Hoyeswasbornabout1888inBelton,

Thomas Hoyes (b 1864, Gelston) was an indoor servant for William Lee (farmer) in Westborough in 1881.  In 1888 he married Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth Scoley from Ancaster.  Their first 2 children were born in Gelston, then Kneeton, Notts (near East Bridgford), before they settled in Ancaster where he was a farm labourer.  Fanny died in 1896.  In 1901 Thomas was a cattle yardman in Ancaster, living on Ermine Street with Lucy Ann Winter staying as his housekeeper.  In 1911 Thomas, and Lucy Ann Winter, had moved to Edwalton near Nottingham.  Thomas and Fanny’s children were:

  • Alice Mary Hoyes, born1889in
  • Thomas Robert Hoyes, born1891in
  • Harry Hoyes, born 1896 in Ancaster

Robert Hoyes (b 1866, Gelston).  At 15 Robert was a farm servant to the Cucksy family in Main Street, Swinderby, as was his sister Martha.

Martha A Hoyes (b 1866 Gelston).  At 14 Martha was a general servant to Cucksy family in Swinderby.

Herbert Hoyes (b 1868, Gelston).  In 1881 Herbert (age 13) was living with his family in Gelston and working as an agricultural labourer.   A Herbert Hoyes of the same age died in Colchester in 1888 (a soldier?).

Mary Elizabeth Hoyes (b 1870, Gelston) was the cook for a large family in Paddington (London) in 1891.

John Henry Hoyes (b 1872, Gelston) was bought up in Gelston (where he seems to have been known as Henry). At 19 he was living with his parents and working as a groom.  In 1901 he was 29 (coal miner?) and living with his brother William in Belton, Leicestershire.

Ellen Hoyes (b 1873, Gelston).  At 18 Ellen was a general servant for Robert Payling (a butcher) in Aslockton, Notts.

Alfred Hoyes (b 1875, Gelston).  At the age of 16 was a shepherd for Edward Scrivener in Main Rd, Dadlington, Leicestershire. In 1901 (age 26) he was living in Belchford, Lincs as a stableman for Frederick Gosden, Huntsman-fox hounds at the South Wolds Hunt kennels.

Sarah Elizabeth Hoyes (b 1877, Gelston).   In 1891 (age 15) Sarah was a general servant, living with her aunt Elizabeth Brown (Hoyes) and cousin John H Brown at (probably) The Railway Inn, Station Street, Nottingham.


Generation 4aChildren of John Hoyes and Sarah Ann Simpson

William Hoyes (b 1879 in Hough).  In 1901 (age 22) he was a servant to John Wells in North Clifton, Notts.  In 1911 he was back with his parents in Hough and working as a farm labourer.  William died in 1950.

Annie Hoyes (b 1881 in Hough) was visiting John Goodlad in Tuxford, with her aunt  Martha Hoyes (b 1771) in 1901.

Selina Hoyes (b 1882 in Hough).  In 1901 Selina was a servant (19) to Joseph Basker, a wine and spirit merchant at Whichcote House, Grantham.  This is on Westgate, next to The Black Dog Inn and is now Pygott and Crone Estate Agency.  In 1909 Selina married Henry Herbert Rawlinson (born Faldingworth). They moved back to Hough where Henry became a cottager (smalholder).  He died in 1928; Selina died in 1950.  They had a daughter:

  • Winifred Kathleen Rawlinson born Hough Feb 1911; died in 1997 in

Generation 4bChildren of Thomas Hoyes and Sarah Mee

Florence Hoyes (b 1886 Hough).  In 1901 (age 14) Florence was a servant for Joseph Mapletoft in Hough.  In 1908 she married John Moulds, a quarry labourer from Hose, Leicestershire and they settled in Hose. 

Elizabeth Anne Hoyes (b 1890 Hough) was a servant in 1911.  On the night of the census she was visiting Frank & Anne Elizabeth Topps in Hough.

Ada Hoyes (b 1891 Hough) was the cook for Rev Edward Hall Footitt at Westborough Rectory in 1911.

Alice Mabel Hoyes (b 1894) was living in Hough with her parents in 1901.

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