Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information

Court Leys

Court Leys farmhouse near Brandon, Lincolnshire (but part of Caythorpe Parish) is a 17th century building with some 19th century alterations. 

From 1835 to his death in 1876 the farm was occupied by Edward Minnitt, who in his later years also held Brandon Hall.  He may not have owned the property as (certainly by the early 20th century) it was part of the Caythorpe Estate held by the Packe family.   Edward was succeeded by his son George Henry Minnitt.  Around 1885 the Minnitts were replaced by Thomas Stow, who operated Court Leys farm for 18 years before retiring (to Avenue Road, Grantham) in 1903/04.

1904 Edward Scheider Dodwell Moore took over Court Leys.  He was forced to sell in 1922 after being away for 4 years during the war and a couple of bad seasons and was replaced by John Cox.

By 1934 Bevington Burtt was at Court Leys and in 1947 it was put up for sale by the Caythorpe Estate.

Films of Burrt's farm at Court Leys held by Lincolnshire Film Archives
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