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Walter Rastall

Walter Rastall was born about 1892 in Spitalgate, Grantham.  In 1911 the family was living at Keisby Lodge, nr Ingoldsby.  He signed up for military service at Grantham in Dec 1915.  In 1916 he was working as a waggoner for J. T. Lord at Hough Grange Farm.  Mr Lord applied to the Rural Tribunal for an exemption as he only had 6 men and 3 boys to farm 350 acres of arable land, 280 acres of grass and keep 14 horses and 138 beasts. Conditional exemption was granted.

However, in Mar 1917 Rastall was called up to the Royal Artillery and joined the Garrison (i.e. heavy) Artillery.  He served as a gunner in the Egyptian theatre from Jul 1917 to Sep 1918, when he was returned to the UK and sent to Stoke on Trent War Hospital with TB.  He was discharged from the Army a few weeks later as no longer fit for service.  

His initial address on leaving the Army was Stubton Gorse but he then moved to Newton, near Folkingham, where his father was living.  In June 1919 (Whit Monday) he married Mary Freeman at Brant Broughton.  She was the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Freeman of Sunnyside, Brandon.  The bridesmaids were her sister Lily and his sister Eva and Cpl Blundy was the best man.  The reception was held at the brides home at Brandon with nearly 100 guests.  Their honeymoon was at Skegness.

Walter died at Brant Broughton in 1935.

Walter Rastall
Royal Garrison Artillery
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