Loveden area of Lincolnshire – Local History & Information

John William North

John North married Phebe Dickinson. They had 3 sons:

  • Richard  b 1813 Leadenham      d 1903 Foston
  • Joseph   b 1816 Foston               d 1893 Foston
  • Charles  b 1822 Foston               d 1900

John and Phebe’s Sons

Richard North marred Elizabeth.  In 1851 they’d moved to Denton and their eldest son, Robert, was working as farm boy.  They later moved back to Foston.

In Mar 1863 Charles North was courting Sarah Muxlow and allegedly arranged to meet her at Grantham Fair.  When he didn’t turn up she returned to Foston to remonstrate with him but he wouldn’t speak to her.  Charles’ nephew Robert tried to pull her from him but she was stronger than both of them, dragged Charles off and thrashed him.  Robert fetched his father Richard who ‘gave the woman some strikes with a stick’. For doing so he was ordered to pay 1/ fine and 15/ costs.  They married in 1863; but by 1871 they seem to have separated as Charles was lodging with different people in Foston.

Joseph North married Sarah Tinkler in 1839.  Their children included:

  • William  1849-1922
  • Charles   1855

Joseph & Sarah’s sons

In 1885 George Blighton charged William North of Foston with not paying rent.  Blighton had bought a house with North as tenant.  North had accosted him at Grantham market and complained that he couldn’t live in the house because of the smoke.  Blighton had the problem fixed but then found North had left the house, leaving the key in the window without paying rent for 7 months.  North said he hadn’t rented the cottage from Blighton and so didn’t know he had to pay him.  In 1888 William was accused of poaching at Marston with Walter Whyley.  North said he’d been out of work for 5 weeks and had nothing to eat.  In Apr 1899 William North and John Wiseman and of Foston were convicted of stealing 8 stones of potatoes from William Hutchinson’s farm in Marston.

Charles William North (b c1855) married Sarah Ann Creasy (b Burton Pedwardine c1855).  They started in Sleaford before moving to Foston around 1880. In 1891 they were on the Great North Road in Foston.  They had several children, including Charles William (born Foston 1886).

Next Generation

Their son, Charles William North (1886-1942) became a farm labourer and was living with his widowed father in 1911. In 1912 he married Nellie Rose Mayfield in Foston.  Their son John William was born in 1919.  Charles William died in 1942 (age 56).

Next Generation

During the Second World War John William North was a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps.  He died in Libya in May 1942 (age 23) and was buried in Benghazi War Cemetery.

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