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WW2 Home Front

In April 1938 the Hough on the Hill Annual Parish Meeting discussed air raid precautions and elected the following officials:

Air Raid Warden:             William Price

First Aid Party:                  Harry Porter, Charles Bembridge, J Johnson and T Gilliatt

First Aid Post Staff:        Cecil Bellamy and William Hoyes

Ambulance Driver:         Rev C H D Moore

After war broke out in 1939 more local people became involved.  The 1939 national register was later annotated with war service details.  Not all have been
released, but the following are available for Hough on the Hill parish:

Harry Porter, a tractor driver, was living in Hough in 1939. He served with one of the National Defence Companies (NDC), who were ex-soldiers who had volunteered for home service as part of the Territorial Army. The NDC were called up in 1939 and joined Home Service Battalions, guarding key points and prisoner of war camps.


Thomas Henry Gillat (1890-1972) a farmer who’d been born in Australia was an ARP warden in Gelston.

George Henry Gibson (1900-) was brought up in Marston but later lived in Gelston where he was an ironstone worker and served in the ARP.

Charles Henry Dodwell Moore (1872-1942) had been the vicar since 1920. He served as an ARP warden in Hough.  After the war a Commemorative window was placed in the chancel of Hough Church.


John Herbert Lord (1908-1965) also served in the ARP. He was born at Lodge Farm, Hough and later lived at Eastfield Farm.

Sidney Whaley of Hough (1884-1893) was a bell ringer and sang in the church choir. He worked as ironstone lorry driver and served as a Police Special Constable.

George Thomas Johnson (1904-1996) was a cowman on a farm at Hough and a Special Constable. He was married to Sidney Whaley’s niece.

Harold Stockdale Lord (1902- ) was born at Hough Manor. He later lived in Brandon and served as a special constable during the war.

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